Brazil's Anime Fanfiction


Hi! This is the page where I (Brazil) put up my anime fanfiction. Here goes:


The TENCHI Chronicles

I asked myself: "What would happen if Tenchi had a spine, at least a little bit?" - well, here is what I came up with.

Chapter 1 - A Necessary Step (ASCII text, 13KB)
Chapter 2 - Shared Pain (ASCII text, 38KB)
Chapter 3 - Peace, of Sorts (ASCII text, 41KB)
Chapter 4 - Adjustment and Celebration (ASCII text, 71KB)
Chapter 5 - Confrontation and Defeat (ASCII text, 44KB)


Asuka Hits her Thumb with a Hammer

A little Evangelion fanfiction that I couldn't help writing after reading one fic too many that has Asuka using horribly misspelled German swear words.

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